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What is Options Trading 1

November 24, 2021

In this video you’re going to see:
-the simple way to look at options so you understand them quickly
-An example APPLE trade to get options trading easily
-why options are a lot simpler than you think

If you would like my help to understand how you can trade options profitably:
Book a zoom call with me using the link below: https://calendly.com/ptl-30min-call-/30min
If we are a good fit I am happy to show you how I can better help you.
On this zoom call… you will see an example options trade including all the details I give my clients.
That way you will see how a real trade is set up to profit and keep risk minimal without spending hours behind a computer.

Book A Call Here: https://calendly.com/ptl-30min-call-/30min