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Bitcoin:Flavor of the Month

December 14, 2021

There’s always the new hot topic or segment to invest in or trade. Everyone has an opinion why it’s a disrupter, why it will change the world, why it’s an example of that horrible biz-speak phrase, “a new paradigm”, and why Buffett, Bezos, Cuban, and/or Gates are plowing money into it (without any proof that this is true). Cryptocurrency and all things blockchain, electric vehicles, work-from-home, green technology and climate change; years ago it was solar. Who can keep up?

The one thing that is consistent with all of these is that they move. As such they often represent good trading vehicles, but not necessarily long-term investments. For some, it comes down to risk tolerance and ulcer susceptibility. Bitcoin is great if you can plow money into it and not watch it after that. But for us at PTL, these represent swing trades, not investments. They require planning and attention, and not being seduced by “the story.”

For instance, everyone was giddy when Bitcoin blew through 50k & then 60k, at which point in five weeks it dropped 49%. That doesn’t sound like “an investment.” But a trading vehicle? You betcha.

Below’s our read on Bitcoin using the $BLX index. It shows what happened to people who dove in when the euphoria of 50k set in versus waiting for a pullback into a high probability trading zone lower down.  The chart also shows areas below where we are now and expect a bounce as the basis for some likely short-term swing trades.

Stay tuned for our next piece on the newest “hot flavor”, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), We’ll identify key symbols in the area and a couple of setups we are waiting on.

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