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July 27th, 2021

December 13, 2021

There are two approaches to trades: 

  1. Look to catch tops and bottoms to trade major reversals, or 
  2. the more consistent way of identifying a valid trend, sometimes across timeframes, and going with the flow. Trade with the current and ride the wave of sentiment and institutional trading.

Trading isn’t easy. But trading WITH the market or a sector, whether it’s rising or falling, and not fighting the current, is certainly less difficult.
Below are Sector Performance charts summarizing the last trading week (chart 1), followed by a screen of sector performance based on the behavior of short-, medium- & long-term moving averages (chart 2). Viewing sector performance through these two lenses helps us find trend-following, high probability setups::

  • Last week retail (XRT) and communications services (XLC) were the strongest sectors. This was a major shift from the prior week, when utilities led the way. This raised a question if a risk-off mentality was creeping into the market. But last week utilities (XLU) fell to the bottom of the sector ETF heap, so it’s premature to predict the current market run-up is out of steam.
  • As stated, utilities, along with energy (XLE), were the only two major sectors in the red. This continues a major downtrend in energy.

The moving average performance screen (chart 2) shows the state of the 20-, 50- and 200-day SMAs in each sector and how price sits in relation to each SMA. Week-to-week changes in SMA status are highlighted (for the close of 7/23 vs close of 7/16).

Our plans are:

  • Look at the XRT and XLC ETFs and constituent stocks for long opportunities. We seek strong symbols with demand zones where small-to-moderate pullbacks will let us get long when price bounces and the bigger picture up-trend continues.
  • On the short side, we will be mining the energy (XLE) sector, along with material (XLB) stocks in the IWM, looking at small cap symbols in these weak sectors. We seek corrective rallies in order to short one of the ETFs or a portfolio symbol from a supply zone above. We expect these sectors to resume their weakness after rallying back to levels offering high probability short-plays.

Look for our preliminary list of potential trade candidates Wednesday and two high quality setups Thursday before the market opens!

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Our plans are:

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