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[LIVE]Weekly Get-Together for Some Straight Talk about Trading the Markets

December 10, 2021

Hey There,
You’re invited to OUR LAST weekly get-together for all things trading, investing & markets!
The backdrop of the crazy volatility and massive selloffs has made for great opportunities if you know how to take advantage of them!
If you saw my last email we have given at least one profitable trading opportunity during every single meeting.
During Thursday’s event We’ll:

  • We will bring on a student and help him set up an Option Trade Live 
  • How to profit from the current volatility (Let’s use it while it lasts)
  • Profitable Trading Routine which helps you Generate consistent trades
  • Specific ways to work smarter (not harder) which lets you to spend less than an hour a day behind a computer 
  • How to Avoid the losses that drain your account 

Best of all, if you attend we will share 2 of our fully detailed trades with you from our trading community. This will be a link given only to attendees.
So make sure you attend.

REGISTER NOW TO JOIN Ryan Nocera & Mitch Firestone for PTL’s Traders’ Roundtable Thursday, at 10:30am EDT.
We’ll launch by talking about the state of the market, focusing on pockets of strength/weakness that offer potentially juicy profits.

We’ll then show how we set ourselves up to go from ideas to execution with real trades LIVE.
We look forward to having you with us !
Don’t forget this is the last live Roundtable event left so join us now before it’s too late.

​Click this Link to Register Now for the Thursday, Roundtable
—–We go live at 10:30am EDT!—–

See you there?
Mitch and Ryan

Here’s that link again: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_P7OtVFMkTgmID6knsH8dsw

You have to register to get the zoom link for Thursday’s Roundtable.

Come join us—and secure your complimentary seat now!

After all, a tool is only as good as your ability to use it.
I have handed you some valuable information
Now let me show you how to use it.
You see, information is good… but ACTION is better.

After working with thousands of experienced traders and want-to-be traders, in all kinds of market conditions, over the past seven years, I have found that the best way I can help you get immediate and tangible results is with our Show Me The Money Call. 
It’s where you hop on a live, 17 minute Zoom call with me where I will share my screen and take you through our exact process to determine and execute a winning trade right there on the live call, including the precise exit points of the trade.
No more guessing on your own whether something will work or not….
We do all the heavy lifting and provide you with the exact steps you’ll need to make so you can start seeing results immediately.
You can choose to make this trade yourself, or make it in a simulated trading account, or just sit back and enjoy watching how we come out ahead of the game, day in, day out, week in, week out, year in, year out…

Book your Show Me The Money Call Here

See you there,



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