Traders Roundtable -09/30/2021 - PRECISION TRADING LABS
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Traders Roundtable -09/30/2021

December 10, 2021


Here’s a quick rundown of what we went through:

* Ryan gave an overview of key major markets, with emphasis on the S&P500/SPY & ES e-mini futures. He identified key levels below representing good chances for high probability buy setups should there be further broad market weakness.
* Mitch reviewed how we look at our core setups, giving a quick explanation of supply & demand (S&D) and how this sets up to identify areas of projected price pressure that can be exploited. He broke down a very recent IBM option trade that netted subscribers 58% in about a week, showing a screenshot of the core setup when it was created & second with what occurred afterwards when the trade triggered.
* We talked about combining a trade thesis based on fundamentals or news with our core technical S&D analysis.
* In particular, we delved into potential setups with industrial equipment stocks as they relate to the potential massive infrastructure plan now being battled over by Congress. We talked about how to find stocks that match up with a view about particular major sectors by looking at the SECTOR SPDR ETFs tab on & then selecting the “INDEX” tab. We covered saving that symbol list in order to create a sector-specific stock watchlist. We applied this to identifying companies making equipment, supplies & providing services that would contribute to massive infrastructure projects.
* we touched upon the benefits of having a morning routine. This is deserving of an extensive discussion to cover the objectives & elements. We quickly touched upon some useful websites we look at in order to gauge sentiment, get a sense of where the market is, & hot topics that represent potential areas of exploration for trading opportunities. Some of these are:

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