Traders' Roundtable Sept 9, 2021 - PRECISION TRADING LABS
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Traders’ Roundtable Sept 9, 2021

December 10, 2021

Thank you for joining us at our inaugural weekly Traders Roundtable! Our plan is to share useful content, engage your questions, and talk about the business and day-to-day of being active traders. This can apply to you whether you seriously pursue trading, or just wish to become proficient in order to generate supplementary income. Along the way, we look forward to interacting with you and hope you’ll find what we do interesting, informative, beneficial, and at times, entertaining.
Here’s what went on 9/9/21:
• Candlesticks – Brief overview for beginners
• How we view market movement & price action: Q: What moves price – A: supply & demand
• Top-down analysis: Broad Market – Sector – Industry – Company • What’s strong, what’s weak?
•Knowing that, how does that mesh with our plan?
• Finding potential high probability trading opportunities
​ • Attendee questions and symbols of interest



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