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We all have a battery inside us… or something like a battery.

December 23, 2021

​We all have a battery inside us… or something like a battery.

I envision it as a combination of our physical energy, attention, and overall “bandwidth” all rolled into one.

We can replenish this on a daily basis to a degree with rest, exercise and good nutrition, but not all the way.

Weekly we need at least one day off free from technology to rest and recharge.

Monthly and quarterly we need a little more than that.

If you neglect this and push and push and push all the time, eventually your battery will run critically low.

First, it’ll fail you at seemingly random times.

Next, it’ll give out when you least expect it (but usually at a critical moment. But then, when you’re burning the candle at both ends, isn’t every moment critical?).

Finally, if you keep pushing with no break, you’ll shut down completely and the battery not only runs dry, but you risk damaging it for future use.

This is not permission to be a lazy idiot…. but it is a warning against going so hard for so long that you burn out.

It’s fine to sprint for an extended period, but understand that if you make it a lifestyle as you run the “race” of life, it WILL bite you in the butt.

Plus, life is really short…. take a little time to enjoy it and find balance.

A word to the wise

Happy weekend! 🙂





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