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PTL teaches a single, defined methodology laser-focused on a direct understanding of price-action. No complicated, inexplicable charts with numerous squiggly lines; no multiple charts within charts.



The methodology is applicable for:

  • intraday, multiday and multiweek stock, futures and forex trading
  • long-term position investing
  • using options for both income-generation and positional trading

PTL teaches you to:

  • know what and who moves the financial markets, how this happens, and where you can see this in a chart
  • create clean, simple charts to accurately highlight and evaluate four simple patterns, the basis of how we trade
  • identify levels where price is expected to move significantly and how
  • construct high probability, controlled risk trades for all trade styles
  • determine what and how to trade to match your personal temperament, lifestyle and individual goals
  • prudently manage risk
  • trade with the market professionals and with the trend, not against them

If you can recognize these patterns, you have the ability to do this:

Drop – Side – Drop

Pop – Side – Drop

Pop – Side – Pop

Drop – Side – Pop

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